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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a test sample before choosing the final colour?

Yes. We can come to your home and do a test patch on your floor. Test patching is advisable if we have to colour match and existing floor.

How long will it take for the smell to disappear?

From the time the moisture-cured polyurethane has dried it takes approximately 24 hours. We recommend opening all doors and windows to allow ventilation to assist the smell to disappear faster. If you choose water borne polyurethane, there will be no smell.

What is the difference between moisture cured and water borne polyurethane?

Moisture cured takes up to 24 hours to dry.  It is solvent based and is very strong and toxic smelling.

Water borne only takes up to 4 hours to dry.  It is water based and is non-smelling and non-toxic.

Can I use normal cleaning products on my floors?

No. Do not wash floors with abrasive cleaners. You will need to use a cleaning product specifically designed for your timber floor. 

When can I put my furniture back?

We recommend 72 hours after the final coat is applied (with carpet or protective felt pads under all furniture and heavy objects. Avoid dragging furniture, always lift and place. Large area rugs need to be kept off the floor for the first 30 days. Its best to keep the floors ventilated for curing.

Can i stay in my home while you are sanding and coating my floors

No. We recommend that you find alternative accommodation as access to the floors will be restricted due to the need for a certain amount of drying time each day. The smell is also very strong and toxic if moisture-cured polyurethane is used. Please allow 24hrs (after the final coat is applied) before moving back in.

A guide for timber floor restoration


This handy download will help guide you through the floor sanding and coating process. With everything from what coating to choose, through to maintaining and cleaning your new floors.