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Floor Coating

Following the sanding and clean-up process I will finish and protect your sanded floor by coating it using the best quality products. There are various coating options to finish your floor and get the desired look for your home:

Polyurethane coating

  • Moisture cured (solvent based) (low-sheen, satin or gloss)
    • Clear
    • Staining/Tinting
    • Blockout
    • Reglaze
  • Water bourne (water based) (low-sheen, satin)
    • Clear
    • Colour
    • Blonding

Natural oil coating (matt, satin or gloss)

  • Clear
  • Colour

Each of these options has pro’s and con’s and will suit different woods and homes better. Some coatings are better suited to different circumstances, e.g. if you have pets or children that may scratch the floors, if you prefer natural products, if it is a high traffic area, etc. Please ask me about what floor coating will best suit your needs.